Sunday, January 1, 2017

Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Building Inspector

So, you found your dream home and it is offered within your price range. Should you grab it right away and sign the dotted line? According to real estate experts, do not buy a house without having it inspected by a licensed building inspector Perth. Buying a house without going through a building inspection is like playing a Russian roulette.
  1. The best way to find if your dream house is indeed a dream house and not a nightmare in the making is to hire a good and trustworthy building inspector. Not all licensed building inspector are good at doing their job. Some may not inspect the property thoroughly and will not report the potential problem that you may encounter in the future.
  2. So, before you decide who to hire try to ask the potential building inspectors with these five practical questions.
  3. 1.       Tell me about your experiences in building inspection? Experience may be one of the deciding factors when hiring a building inspector but remember that not all experienced inspector are good at their job. It’s alright to hire a novice home inspector who has extensive background in home repair or building construction. Experienced or rookie, just make sure to hire a building inspector who have extensive training.
  4. 2.       Can I join you during the inspection? If the answer to this question is “NO”, you should considering hiring a different inspector. A good and trustworthy inspector will allow you to join him/her during the inspection. A good inspector understands that this is a great chance to you learn about your prospective home. A good inspector will explain to you good and the bad feature of the house.
  5. 3.       Are you a member of a home inspection association? There are many building inspector association across Australia, and it doesn’t actually matter which association he/she belongs to as long as he/she have an affiliation to a certain association.  Building inspector associations sets certain standards for its members to follow. A building inspector that does not belong to any association may be upstanding enough to be a member of one.
  6. 4.       What’s the coverage of your inspection? At the end of the inspection the building inspector should present to you a report on plumbing, foundation, appliances, electrical system, roof, attic, HVAC system, fireplace and the general condition of the interior and exterior of the property. Thus, the inspection should cover those places. An expert building inspector is skilled and knowledgeable enough to inform you the state of the building, if it is safe or need of major repairs.
  7. 5.       How much it will going to cost me? This is an important question to ask before hiring a building inspector. Ask for upfront quote so that you can compare it to other inspectors. See to it that you will be getting your money’s worth. A cheap inspection may not uncover all the flaws of the property you want to purchase. Make sure that the quotes they provide to you include everything that needs inspecting.

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